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By Domenico Luciani

Is Trunk Based Development still a nightmare? πŸš€ - Issue #6



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Domenico Luciani
Domenico Luciani
Here we go, welcome to the issue number 6️⃣! πŸš€
Just a shout-out about an accomplishment I’ve made: last week, I received my first donation throughΒΒ πŸŽ‰
Someone discovered my article aboutΒ Web Scraping with Rust, found it helpful and thought to offer me a coffee β˜•οΈ; I’m so happy to know that my work somehow has been valuable for someone else πŸ™

Software Engineering πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»
Integrating often and directly on master can be scary, especially initially, but the benefits are uncountable over time. ⏰
This approach is called: Trunk Based Development.
Integrating frequently helps you have faster feedback ⚑️, avoid big merges πŸ’₯, and force you to run your test suite every time πŸ₯…, providing to your colleague the latest version of the code as fast as possible πŸ‘«. Those are just a few points. You can find lots of information about this approach and how to avoid anti-patterns on this website. πŸ‘€
Trunk Based Development
Notional Knowledge ␆
I’ve always been a big fan of writing journals at the end of the day. πŸ“
It helped me remember what I’ve done right after the weekend or helped my colleagues to stay up to date on my task, recording what problems I encountered and how to solve them.
So why don’t we apply this concept to our architectural decisions?
Architectural Decision Records
User Testing πŸ”Ž
Recently, I had to conduct some user testing research remotely, and I found this article super interesting. Have you ever conducted user testing interviews in the past? How did you change your approach to run them remotely?
Conducting User Testing Remotely | Thoughtworks
Database Scalability πŸͺœ
I recently found a very small nice chart about databases scalability, I found it very helpful to understand in a blink of an eye the differences between replication and sharding. πŸ’‘
Scaling Databases
See ya πŸ”­
Thank you for reading and see you in the next issue β˜„οΈ
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Domenico Luciani
Domenico Luciani @dlion92

Senior Software Engineer @VMware ~

Ex @Thoughtworks, @XPeppers ~

Traveller and curious by design ~ he/him

Extreme Programmer passionate about best practices, system design, security and IoT.

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