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Never stop learning ✨ - Issue #5

Domenico Luciani
Domenico Luciani
Software Development 👩‍💻
As a software developer, I often found myself using new libraries, which I don’t know anything about.
I start from the documentation, trying to figure out how it works.
I want to integrate it into my codebase, but sometimes, the documentation doesn’t communicate as much as I would desire.
What I discovered that work very well for me is to use the Learning Test approach.
Exploring the library’s functionality through tests is an excellent way to learn how it works safely and as a plus, you can discover bugs that you can report.
Building high performance teams 📈
Building an effective team is always a very complex task, and it implies taking into consideration multiple variables.
In this article, I discovered four behavioural styles defined by DISC and how to take advantage of them to put together the right people in the right moment. It is indeed a very enlightening topic and I’ll try to deep dive into it, working in a balanced team with the right people during a particular lifecycle is for sure the proper recipe for success.
How to Build Effective Teams Based on Personality Type
Travelling ✈️
As a passionate traveller, I always struggle to understand which regulations I will encounter travelling around due to the current COVID restrictions. I discovered this website which provides some info to help you figure it out. Very handy, eh?
Sherpa – Move Freely
See ya 🔭
Thank you for reading, see you in the next issue ☄️
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Domenico Luciani
Domenico Luciani @dlion92

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