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When getting rid of a duplication? Let's play baseball first! - Issue #3

Domenico Luciani
Domenico Luciani
Welcome to the third issue ✨
Just one week passed and I had a lot of new subscribers, I didn’t expect that so thank you and welcome aboard! 👋
Of course, feel free to suggest it to your friends and just a reminder to check in your spam folder and to mark these emails as “not spam” 🚀

Evolutionary Architectures 🪴
Today I want to share with you an article that I wrote after reading the book Building Evolutionary Architecture.
It’s always been very hard to migrate databases, especially nowadays that we need to handle things like distributed systems.
I tried to give an overview of the topic by providing some examples and use-cases. I know, it’s just the tip of the iceberg but it is a starting point you don’t want to miss. 🔭
Domenico Luciani - Migrate a shared database with the expand/contract pattern
Software Development
As developers, we always end up in a situation where we need to choose whether remove duplications or not.
Sometimes it’s not an easy task and having some specific “direction” to follow can help us.
So, I always point to a specific article that describes the ThreeStrikesAndYouRefactor theory giving some advice about this frequent task.
Let me know what do you think, how long do you wait until you remove duplications?
When should I remove duplication? - The Code Whisperer
I found this website that provides some hints about inclusivity on some UI, do you want to know how to improve the usability and readability of your content online? Follow those steps! 🕵️‍♀️
See ya 🔭
Thank you for reading and see you in the next issue ☄️
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Domenico Luciani
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