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XP or not XP - Issue #11

Domenico Luciani
Domenico Luciani
Software Development 🧑‍💻
Github introduced PRs to handle requests from contributors from all over the world, people you don’t know or trust, and suddenly this practice become popular inside teams composed of people who should trust each other and work constantly together towards a common goal, every day.
TL;DR: a wrong tool for the wrong use case, continuous integration over Pull Requests is key.
Pair programming is an efficient use of time, pairing we avoid misunderstanding and future rework. ⏳
Another big problem with PRs is the lack of context, a context that you can’t get from a bunch of static files and as a code reviewer you don’t know what led your teammate to write that code. 💭
(I won’t mention the merge hell tho 🔥)
Why your team doesn't need to use pull requests
App Modernization 👴
Let’s say we want to replace a dependency that we use widely, doing it right away it’s impossible and it will cause lots of troubles so Branch By Abstraction comes to help us.
Essentially using a layer of abstraction we can get rid of our old dependency gradually and without any breaking changes allowing us to keep our continuous delivery, improve our unit test coverage and swap whenever we need the old dependency with the new one. 🍋
Branch By Abstraction
Security 🗝
Today I discovered this new type of attack which will allow an attacker to extract cryptographic keys from remote servers. 😱
Currently, all the Intel and several AMD processors are affected.
Apparently, the problem comes from a frequency scaling feature that most of the processors have.
Definitely worth having a look at this new type of attack 🚀
Hertzbleed Attack
Extreme Programming 🍅
Is Extreme Programming dead?
An interesting conversation about the relevance of Extreme Programming nowadays, e journey from the definition to what we need to do right now to spread this amazing [methodology/framework/group of practices/ways of working] giving the opportunity to the new generation to benefit from it.
Fireside Chat #30: How relevant is Extreme Programming today?
See ya 🔭
Thank you for reading and see you in the next issue ☄️
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Domenico Luciani
Domenico Luciani @dlion92

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